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I am excited to introduce you to an online learning platform called “ASSISTments”.  Extensive research has been conducted on the effects of student learning and the use of ASSISTments.  Early results from this research has shown that students have to do fewer problems to master a skill because of the immediate and constant feedback on each problem.  

How It Works

The most noticeable change for students and families is the use of ASSISTments with homework assignments. When homework is assigned using ASSISTments, the student will log in to or use the app on their iPad and for each question,

• Solve the problem on paper as usual, showing ALL work as expected

• Enter the answer into ASSISTments

o If the answer is incorrect, reread, redo, use the online hints, and reenter a new answer

o If the answer is correct, move on to the next problem

Students must make sure to have completed problem solving work and solutions on paper for class discussion and collection

Immediate Feedback and Tutor on Hand 

By using ASSISTments during the homework process, your student will get immediate feedback for correctness as well as guidance if they at first do not succeed. What they learn on one problem will then help them more accurately answer the next problem and understanding will grow.

No Access to the Internet or ASSISTments

If you do not have internet access available at your house, ASSISTments offers an offline feature that allows students to download the assignment at school and then work on it at home. When students return to school the next day, they can upload their work. If ASSISTments is not working correctly or if a student does not have computer access at home please have your child do their homework on paper. No student will be penalized for doing his or her homework on paper as long as there is a legitimate reason for not completing the assignment on ASSISTments. If a student brings his completed paper homework to school, they may have time to log on at school to input their homework. In general, I hope all students will use ASSISTments for homework and would I be glad to work with you to resolve any problems.

BETTER INFO, FASTER … Before class begins, I will be able to review each student’s individual results as well as class results including common wrong answers. This way, the class can attend to the homework review process more efficiently and productively. We’ll know the questions we need to review together and the ones we’re already comfortable with.

If you have any questions about your child’s use of ASSISTments, please feel free to contact me at any time.

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Offline ASSISTments for students