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How To Help Your Student

Getting stuck doing homework is natural for students to go through.  Being able to use available resources is an important skill that middle school students need to learn and practice.  For this math class there are four resources that can be helpful to get unstuck when working on homework.


For every topic that the students work on there is a video to help them learn the basics of that topic.  A link to the video can be found in each unit contract.  To find the unit contract navigate to the unit resources page of the classroom website and select the correct unit.  Or you can look for them on my YouTube channel


For most of the practice assignments students will check their answers in ASSISTments.  If a student gets the answer wrong on their first try, they can click on the hint button.  The hint button will either break the problem down into steps with hints, or will give them the answer.  With the answer students can work through the problem until they get it correct.


In class students take notes over the lesson.  The notes should not only include examples, but also words reminding of things to remember and steps in solving that type of problem.  The notes are a great resource to turn to when stuck on homework.