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Math Facts

We will be spending time on a regular basis to working on math fact fluency.  This means that answers to math facts will come with ease.  Having math fact fluency is very important in middle school for several reasons.  Here is an article that discusses this in a bit more detail.

“So what’s the big deal with math facts?  Why in today’s day and age – with calculators and computers – do our kids really need to rote learn their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?  Isn’t this just ‘old school’?”

Here are a few key reasons why students need to fluently learn math facts:

✎ Lead to more complex math skills

✎ Less confusion

✎ Less math anxiety


rocket3We are going to be using the Rocket Math series to develop math fact fluency.  Students will practice a set of facts and then prove their fluency of this set of facts with a one minute timing.  If accuracy and fluency are demonstrated then the student will move to the next level.  Below is a link to each of the basic operations practice page.  Make sure that you are practicing the correct level.

Addition Practice

Subtraction Practice

Multiplication Practice

Division Practice